Octanes Garage is constantly looking for the best companies and partnerships with the best clubs in the American car industry.

These are some companies we work with directly

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A company with 90 years of history. Pakelo lubricants are manufactured in Italy and exported to more than 40 countries worldwide through a select network of distributors and dealers. Making lubricants today means anticipating market demands with oils capable of standing out in the complex and changing landscape of international and Manufacturers’ specifications. To do this, Pakelo secures access to the best basestocks and additives, valuing relationships, research and sharing of lubricant culture to always deliver excellence to excellence. A company with which we share the values of excellence.


Cerutti Pietro’s 30 years of experience created the prerequisites for Marchisio Fabio to found in 1993, Roero Oil established to put his experience and professionalism in the world of lubrication at the service of customers, with the collaboration of PAKELO and MOTUL, world leaders in the field of sports lubrication.
The fruit of experience, has directed us to make important choices for our growth, such as flanking our reality with important Brand groups ranging from the world of accumulators, to MAGIGAS extremecompetition racing additives and lubricants for the heavy traction/earthmoving/industrial/pharmaceutical/food/food/wine/the Pakelo brand sectors. Of no less importance BASF products / AdBlue
The primary goal of our company is the continuous search for partners of high quality and professionalism, enabling us to be able to offer customers the combination of the top product and the best price. In this way, we can provide companies that have chosen us as their partners with a comprehensive service ranging from consulting to instrumental technical support, which are essential to facilitate the work of professionals.